Flat Juliette Visits New Orleans

hissing cockroach

Katherine took Flat Juliette to a Japanese Butterfly Garden at the Insectarium in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She says, “there were many different tropical flowers and plants.  I liked the Blue Morph.”   They tasted Chocolate “Chirp” (cricket) Cookies and fried wax worms in the Bug Cafe.  This is a picture of them visiting with an entomologist (an insect scientist) who showed them a hissing cockroach, which has an exoskeleton.

At work in Phoenix

at work

Jodi from Troop 12109 sent Flat Juliette to stay with her Aunt in Arizona.  Her Aunt took Juliette to work at a school.  Juliette got to help Jodi’s Aunt work on the computer!  Juliette also got to work around the Phoenix Zoo where she saw Zoo Lights with 3.7 million lights lighting up the zoo.  Flat Juliette’s saw a camel and a zebra.  The weather was “chilly” in the the low 60’s.

Flat Juliette Visits Colorado

Burn Zone

Thanks to Ayla for taking Flat Juliette to Colordo where they saw Colorado’s burn zone.  She reports that “This tree was all burned and covered in soot.  It was right next to a house but the house didn’t burn up.  Next year, all the black stuff will come off.  Lots of nature is growing again, and they said last summer it was all black everywhere.”

Happy Birthday Flat Juliette!

Happy Birthday

Thank you Grace from Troop #13152 for sending Juliette to stay with a family in Derry, New Hampshire.  This family also hosted another traveler, Flat Stanley, at the same time!  They sent back this Journal entry from Flat Juliette: “I celebrated my Birthday on October 31st, which is Halloween, but I wasn’t able to join the children in “trick or treat” due to rain.  Stanley and I stayed home and had cake! I took a picture with him to remember him by, as he was headed to Texas the following day.”  Juliette also got to visit with Riley’s Girl Scout Troop.  They made Thankful Turkeys and GORP.

“The sun’ll come out tomorrow …”


Thank you Nora from Troop #10050 for sending the following journal entry for Flat Juliette – sounds like a fun adventure! “Flat Juliette went with me to the play “Annie” at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Annie was played by an 8 year old girl. She was an amazing singer. We had great seats for the show. We got ice cream during intermission. We had to go two times because one got rained out. The show is performed outside in the park. We dressed warm because the weather got cool after the sun went down because Portsmouth is on the water.” – Nora

Girl Scout Fun!

I visited with the ladies of the Operations Team at the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains last week during one of these meetings. During a presentation on the Virtual Pathway, they included me in some photo scavenger hunt hijinks. Check out the photos!