The Flat Juliette program is a digital scrapbook program that promotes international literacy and friendship. It is based on the Flat Stanley/Stacie projects, started by a school teacher.

In the Flat Stanley/Stacie book, Stanley/Stacie get flattened while sleeping one night by a bulletin board. They are very surprised when they wake up and find they are flat! Their parents try and think positively about this change and tell them, they can visit anyone, anywhere because they fit in an envelope and it’s cheap to mail!

Notes for Flat Juliette:

  1. Cut her out of cardstock or poster board. You can even laminate her to keep her neat and make a stand to help photograph her. This will give her some protection and longevity!  Remember to add some tabs to hold her clothes on unless you plan on using tape.
  2. Put the girl’s name/troop number and address/email address on the back of Juliette. This is to be sure Juliette comes home!
  3. Create a story about how Juliette got flattened. Send your story with her in the mail with a note describing your project. Ask the recipient of Flat Juliette to send you photos or postcards of  her travels.  Include a return address label to facilitate her return to you. Ask your family and friends to fill out the journal page or create a journal entry all your own!
  4. Arrange a trade with another troop! Juliette can attend all their troop events. In journals you can include pictures, postcards, local maps, patches, SWAPS and anything else your girls can come up with!
  5. Don’t forget to send her on your parents’ or relatives’ business trips. Try to get photos of her with politicians, soldiers, celebrities, entertainers, etc. Take her to visit new places in your town.
  6. Don’t forget you can always make her additional outfits or print out the passport template to send off with her. Are you visiting another country? Try and get Customs to stamp her passport too!!

Download Flat Juliette Badge Requirements!

Passport Templates

Flat Juliette Template and Sample Journal Page

 Submit photos and journal entries to post on the website via email to or via mail to

Jessie O’Leary

Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

PO Box 10832, Bedford, NH 03031-0832

Let’s see how many places Juliette can visit!


  1. I have a troop in Phoenix AZ. I would love to trade with another troop? How do I do I connect?

  2. We are from a troop in NH. We would like to trade with you. That would be really cool as there is so many changes in seasons here.

  3. Hi, I have a troop of 11 girls that would like to trade with someone. We live in IL. Thanks

  4. I have a troop of 8 daisy girl scouts. I am interested in participating and wondered if anyone might be interested in working with us? We are located in Charlotte, NC.

  5. Great to hear so many troops are interested! I put the word out to our troops. I will email you their contact infomration as soon as I have a daisy troop to trade with!

    Thank you!

  6. Julie will you contact me at my email address and we will send you ours if you send us yours. We have 5 Cadettes.

  7. My name is Erin and I lead a group of 8 brownies! Tonight at our meeting- we will be creating our flat Juliettes! We are looking for somewhere to send them to another troop in a different state and would love to trade! We are in Littleton, Colorado! I will be sending my info to– however- please feel free to email me if your troop wants to trade Flat Juliettes with us! We can send all together and would Love to learn about your troop! My email is Check out our Troop! Troop site; . Thank you in advance! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  8. I have a multilevel troop (#11) with 2 daisies, 2 brownies and 8 juniors that would love to trade. They have flat girl scouts ready to travel but I know they will love to learn about Flat Juliette We are from Caribe Council in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We have a troop blog, and I have FB page Girl Scout Puerto Rico.

  9. I am looking to do this with another troop. I am in Worthington (Columbus) Ohio.

  10. Hi – We will have two Daisy Scouts in the fall who would like to trade. We are in Ohio.

  11. Hi, we are a troop of Cadettes, Juniors, and a Brownie a total of 16 girls, we would love to trade with any troop level anywhere. We are located in Western Washington.

  12. Please contact me to participate. We are a troop from north eastern Ohio and have 15 scouts from daisy, junior, cadette and senior levels. We would live to trade.

  13. My junior troop wants to to do this too. We have 10 girls all in North Carolina.

  14. I think I should have left more information… my troop is in NC. We are juniors and have 10 girls. Please email me if we can do a pen pal exchange or my council. We are in the NC COASTAL PINES. Thank you.

  15. This is a WONDERFUL idea! My girls are VERY into exploring their world and the cost of a stamp is within the budget. We are part of the gswise council, are 6 Juniors strong and in Hartford, WI. Is anyone interested in trading?

  16. Hi, I have 2 troops that would love to trade!!! i have 2 troops – i have a brownie troop of 8 girls and a cadette troop of 8 girls. Please contact me to let me know how to participate.

  17. Christine, I emailed you and look forward to figuring out timelines and the logistics of making this work. Our Flat Juliette will log her first Journal Entry this Friday and we hope to exchange and host your Flat Juliette soon. :)

  18. Hi- we’re a Brownie Troop in the Bronx, NY,( home of Yankee Stadium & the Bronx Zoo!) We’re still registering for October, but are at 18 girls right now. I would like to swap Juliettes, but have a question about how it works. If we found a Troop to swap with, do we send ALL of our Juliettes there? Or do we just send one?

  19. I would love to connect with another troop We are Daisy troop 92 in NC Jacksonville home of the Marine Corp let me know thanks Nancy

  20. Nancy…I am in Seymour,TN and have a troop of 8 Daisy Scouts. I am very familiar with your area as I lived in New Bern for many years. We would love to host a Juliette for you.

  21. We are a multi age troop (2 Brownies, 5 Juniors snd 10 Cadettes) in the Buckley Washington area and would really like to send our Flat Juliette off to visit. We would also really enjoy hosting a Flat Juliette. If interested please email our troop at:

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